Customer happiness

Our main principle is to meet a significant need in the dried fruit and vegetable sector and to provide fast and on-site service in line with the changing needs of our customers. Our customer relations start at the point of marketing. By adding customers to the production stages, listening to their demands, identifying the appropriate needs for them, preparing the appropriate product and delivering the product to our customer as soon as possible with service support, and most importantly not missing the smiley face at all stages constitutes the building blocks of our corporate identity. We record the complaints and complaints of all companies who worked with us. In the light of this information, we continue to strive to improve service quality. Our company is continue to work and serving, especially firms in Malatya and around with in the apricot production sector, firms in and around the Aydın region in the fig sector and , firms in and around the Mersin region in the dried fruit pulp sector, and we increase our customer portfolio with the support of satisfied customers day by day. Our product portfolio, which enters the dry sector in line with customer demands, is also expanding. Cube cutting machine, which provides cutting of dried apricots, dried figs, dried tomatoes, orange peel, pesticide products, shows continuous development to reach more customers and respond to more needs. The service and maintenance department is in contact with the customer for a maximum period of one day and goes into the solution process. The feedbacks we receive due to our speed make us happy. Genboy Machinery and family as our priorities are quality and customer satisfaction.